Psychoeducational & Vocational Assessments, and Consultation

With a well-rounded service of therapy, assessment, and consultation, we use a whole-person approach based on attachment theory, extensive experience, and best-practice models.

Not in Winnipeg?
Rural and Northern services are available. 


  • Evening & weekend openings
  • No obligation consultation
  • Free school follow up

Why do schools have assessment wait lists?

  • Schools have finite resources and limited time factors with their clinical staff.

  • Students are often seen on a priority basis determined by severity and situational factors. In addition, emergent or at risk situations may alter school-based priorities at any time.

  • Speak with your child's teacher and principal to approximate when psycho-educational service may be available. A 1-2 year wait is not uncommon.

What makes us different


We know schools because we work in them. We make recommendations based on current school practices and we know how to consult with them.

From grade school to university and vocations,
we can help.


Edgeland Clinic

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426 Balmoral St.

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P7C 5G8

p: (807) 623-1188

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916 Ottawa St.

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